The USU Student Chapter of the American Fisheries Society is a group of undergraduate and graduate students who have an interest in fisheries and aquatic ecology. We have a strong interest in bringing awareness to issues related to fisheries from the past, now in the present and into the future. We have a strong desire in advancing fisheries and aquatic ecology to current students through professional development. Membership is open to current enrolled Utah State University students interested in learning the science of fisheries, professional development and, of course, fun fishing activities.

The mission of the American Fisheries Society is to improve the conservation and sustainability of fishery resources and aquatic ecosystems by advancing fisheries and aquatic science and promoting the development of fisheries professionals.

During the school year we coordinate speakers, seminars, workshops and develop the continuing education course for the annual AFS meeting of the state chapter. .

Current Officers

President: Jamie Reynolds

Vice President: Levi Simmons

Secretary: Ben Stout

Treasurer: Thomas Hafen

Public Relations: Justin Dorathy

Faculty Adviser: Dr. Brett Roper

Web Guru: Cheyne Warren

AFS is on Facebook!

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